1. Pencil image > Generally I start to fit the artwork in red pencil

2. Stamping > I will establish more clearly outlining the drawing

3. Drawing lines > Then I usually go over with blue pencil correcting defects.

4. Final drawing > When is outlined enough , the way to clean in another paper is through the desk light

5. Review > The final review with a pen creating a black line

6. Outlining > Once the lines clean and tightly closed, the next step is to scan getting a bitmap at 300 dpi.

7. Coloured > With tools like Corel or Photoshop convert the black line in a very light gray.

8. Coloured > I start to tarnish the picture without worrying too much if the colors will be final.

9. Volume > Through the brush I givie volume for drawing and creating little details that were not.

10. Details > I usually do the bottom first, leaving the final figures, although this is not a fixed rule.

11. Our final drawing > Now we are finishing off the details. You can change something if yoy like and using the Wacom, the line is outlined with color. OK. Done.